Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Things Which Are Absurd and Drive One To Drink

Say hello to the White House Director for Lessons Learned.

Then grab your handbag and take a stroll through the Margaret Thatcher Centre for Freedom. Spend time perusing the stated goals of the Centre:

"The Thatcher Center will study and assess the threat posed to U.S. and British national interests by supranational institutions including the United Nations, and the International Criminal Court (ICC). Drawing on the Heritage Foundation’s extensive expertise in this area, the Thatcher Center will play a lead role in shaping U.S. policy with regard to reform of the UN, and opposition to the ICC. The Center will champion the defense of the nation state in the face of efforts by America’s strategic competitors and opponents to limit American global power, and to restrict her ability to confront tyranny and advance freedom and liberty on the world stage."

And bask in the warm glow that is this Lady's legacy to the world.


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